Shinola Vibe Day 1

I have officially organized my wardrobe into items that fit the Shinola employee color scheme and those that don’t. I didn’t get TOO militant. I kept some bright colors for fun, as well as prints and stripes in the Shinola color story. Here’s my current Shinola color scheme closet situation:


The denim tote on the bottom right is from the Detroit Denim Co. I am currently looking for a brown purse to switch out when I wear lighter tops, as I am not sure if the denim will turn things blue.

Speaking of lighter colors, I do not have many. As a result, I have ordered some clearance tops from Loft and Banana Republic. I feel like I need a few more skirts for summer months (Texas is soooooo warm), but I am not rushing those.

Here’s my outfit for today:

I rocked a black cotton shirt dress, tree bark necklace, my Birdie watch, and the Detroit Denim Co. tote.

I will likely do a collage each week, but I was really excited to get started! 🙂


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