Shinola Wardrobe Goals

I am sure you have heard of Shinola. If you haven’t, it was a shoe polish back in the day. Currently, it is a brand of manufactured amazingness based out of Detroit. Before moving to Texas my BFF and I purchased Shinola watches. Here’s a pic of them literally moments after we purchased them:


He has way more now because he’s a baller who isn’t in grad school. I still have the one, but I scored some new straps like a baller on a budget.

I digress…

Walking into Shinola the first time was overwhelming. I wanted the Birdie watch with the black strap. It was not on the sales floor. I actually started sweating as the sales associate checked in back for it (spoiler alert: it was there and is now basically welded to my wrist). I did notice the general vibe of the store, but was incredibly distracted by my purchase.

On my second visit I was able to better appreciate the Shinola vibe. Take this barista for example:


He actually made our coffee. It had pop and chocolate and coffee. It was amazing and strange. Do you know what ISN’T strange? How cool this guy looks.

What about this person below making a pour over coffee with that fancy teapot I secretly dream about? Sure, she’s working with some seriously cool coffee/science lab equipment. But that half tucked white tee? Jean jacket? Pretty sweet vibe.

While I was waiting for the strap I purchased to be embossed I noticed all of the Shinola employees. They were wearing neutrals and denim. No prints. The style is very James Dean.

Shinola 3

This super cool vibe seems pretty effortless. It also reminds me of the capusle wardrobe concept I dabbled in when I first moved from Michigan. The idea is to have several clothing items that mix and match because they are all part of the same color story. This makes getting dressed easy-peasy. I tried it, but used coral, navy, and mint. That gets old pretty quick. Also, I think it was easy to see what I am doing. This Shinola look seems pretty effortless. Also timeless.

I’m in a doctoral program. Life moves pretty fast. I should probably dress like I work at Shinola to make getting ready seamless.

Game on, Shinola.



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