Shinola vibes in action

Previously I cleaned out my closet and purged a virtual rainbow of color in favor of a cohesive wardrobe palette of grey, denim, black, white, and tan/beige. This streamlined color palette looks fabulous and makes getting ready SUPER easy since everything matches.

Here are some looks I have rocked in the past two weeks:

The left picture is this week, which was pretty denim-heavy. This was because of the storms that rolled through, affording cooler temps.

I am not the only person rocking this effortless color palette; check out Kourtney and the gang from The Kitchen (their guest clearly didn’t get the memo):

This carefree look makes me feel like a million bucks. I used to love fashion, but stopped caring as much when I was treating myself like a jerk. Now that I am aware of negative self-talk and correcting it, I feel much happier. And this is showing when I get dressed. I mean, check out how cool I look when I drive:


I’m basically the Fonz. But a girl. The Femz? Maybe.


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