I have been favoring smaller accessories as of late, and try to buy handmade when possible. I thought I could share some of my faves with the same tee, showing how versatile these necklaces can be with a capsule wardrobe.

I think that one has to be careful when accessorizing. There’s nothing worse than seeing a pic of yourself and realizing that you pulled a Johnny Depp…09488B8D-D3DE-4470-A4C6-7DD375203481

Initially I made a joke about Johnny looking pixelated. Later, I added my pictures, which looked grainy as well. I assume this is karma for even thinking of making a joke about Johnny (calling out his accessories is not bad… he OBVIOUSLY wanted me to notice those 43 sweet leather bracelets). Here are some of my fave necklaces with a Johnny white tee, because Johnny Depp 4-eva:

me 2

If you hover over the names of the designers you can visit their websites and etsy shops. (This is not an advertisement. Like four people read this.)

Clockwise from top right: Salame, Beteula, Fordite Necklace, and Courtney Fischer

me 1

Clockwise from the top: Layered and Simple, Glass Action!, and Shinola (for when you don’t remember your necklace).

Check out the links above for actual clear pictures of their products. This entry is making me laugh so hard. “Hey, internet- check out this blurry jewelry I am obsessed with. TTYL.”

Happy Weekend!


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