Controlling the narrative

I’m a pretty honest person because my face doesn’t allow for anything different. If I am scared, sad, confused, or frustrated it will likely wash over my face like an image in a crystal ball. While teaching in an elementary school I thought I was getting better and not showing my mood until my mentor teacher confessed she knew I was nervous because I would tap my foot.

I had no clue I was tapping my foot.

This could be an answer to one of those odd interview questions that ask you to say something negative about yourself. People often spin these to “I am always so invested in my work” or “I am always early,” disguising a humble brag as personal reflection. This one might actually be a negative- what if my honest face is a detriment to my success?


I am controlling this narrative. My face helps people read between the lines. You’re welcome. 🙂 It also provides people with the opportunity to provide clarification or ask if there’s something wrong. My face shows peers that I am an ally when they are wronged and friends that when they are hurt or happy I share the same feelings. For someone who talks too much, it says more than my actual words can.


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