Running (wo)man

I completed a 10k two weeks ago. I say “completed” because the sentence “I ran a 10k” would be false. I ran part of it, walked part of it, winced during most of it, but never stopped. That was the silver lining of that day- I never stopped.

The reason the 10k was so hard was because I was not prepared. Sure, I had been suffering from a terrible two weeks of allergy craziness and hadn’t run. But I think my endurance suffered more because I hadn’t run consistently. Probably ever.

I have tried to be a runner for over a decade. My first 5k was in 2004. My first half-marathon was in 2007. Look how happy I was (I walked a lot, but whatevs):


The best running routine I had was in 2011, when I was preparing for my second half-marathon. This, full disclosure, was still not the entire recommended plan. It was just more effort than my previous attempts. This also resulted in me looking pretty fly, as you can tell below.


A 10k can take a long time, especially if you walk part of it. This gave me a lot of time to contemplate the information above. Why do I cut corners with running? I put so much time and care into school, cooking, crafts… why not this? Running requires time, running shoes, and a place to run. I have all of these things. I am sick of running races knowing I am not prepared for them.

Part of fixing that was joining a running group. My preparation started off strong last fall and I won third place in my age group (see below). Since then I have not been as consistent and my lungs, ego, and time chip can totally tell.


So, there’s a plan. I tested it for a week before sharing it. This is because I am a researcher. Just kidding, it is because I was afraid I wouldn’t stick to the plan. 🙂

  • Run three times a week (This is currently intervals. I am re-doing the couch to 5k- last week I ran week 3 and I begin week 4 today).
  • Every four weeks (12 runs) I get a prize.
  • Once I can run an entire 5k, I plan on doing that once a month as a “long run.”

Wish me luck! Here’s my 5k schedule:

  • November 13th: Run with the Heroes 5k in Austin to benefit The Special Olympics
  • December 3rd: The Sights and Sounds 5K in San Marcos

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