Be well.

Is stress crafting a thing? I am not trying to glorify busy… I am reasonably certain that if I was not busy while earning my PhD it would be provided by Trump University or something. I truly enjoy what I am doing, but my brain needs time to unplug from academe to really perform at maximum awesome (basically, turned up to 11). In order to ensure balance is restored in the universe, I am on a continued quest for decompression via creativity.

This is not new. However, something popped in my head this morning: John Spartan may have the answer. First off, “Be well” is a phrase used over and over in Demolition Man. I am on a quest for self-care and being well would certainly check that box. Also, there’s a lot of Taco Bell going on. And old-timey jingle sing-alongs. And Otho. I like all of those things.


But wait, there’s more. Do you remember when he had to be reconditioned to combat frustration with knitting? Kind of awesome. He’s all angry and showing off his huge arms while wrapping a skein of yarn:


Even better? The next day he had a present for his coworker. Awe.


I like this idea. I will reprogram my brain to unplug through the power of crafts. Running has actually been a nice break, because I have to focus on not dying as opposed to deadlines. One may argue that I might actually die if I miss a deadline, but that seems like a new post. It also seems like a humble brag, soooo…

To conclude this stream of consciousness post, crafting is an additional way to enjoy some off-time while making presents for my pals. Get excited, because…




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