Month 1 recap: I’m a runner, man.

So, as mentioned earlier, I came up with a plan to FINALLY be a dedicated runner. Here’s the breakdown of my running plan:

  • Run three times a week (This is currently intervals. I am re-doing the couch to 5k- as of this point I am finished with week 6).
  • Every four weeks (12 runs) I get a prize.
  • Once I can run an entire 5k, I plan on doing that once a month as a “long run.”

So… it has been a month. I ran 12 times. Yay! I scored two prizes:

This amazing hoodie, which is basically life changing:


And this purse, which was on super sale at the Fossil outlet:


(That sad/dead looking stuffed animal on the top left is my cat’s BFF named Buddy. He’s normally laying face-down somewhere)

I actually am okay with running right now. My allergies haven’t been terrible, which has been a blessing for sure. Also, my friend Jessi and I have become running buddies so I have someone to check in with at the gym/via text. I finished a 22-minute run this morning, which was exhausting but rewarding.

I also subscribed to Runner’s World magazine. And I am running a 13th time on Sunday because that’s what runners do. I’ll be at a conference and plan on packing my running clothes to take advantage of outdoors. Eventually I would like to do a group run once a week, but I am waiting until I can run 3 miles comfortably. Notice I said WHEN, not if. 🙂

I’m going to close with this quote because I think it is pretty fitting:



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