Why is this a thing?


I cannot tell you how many times the phrase “stop dreaming, start doing” shows up in my life. It is strange, because it seems empowering and pushy at the same time.

At first glance, I can see the allure. There is a phrase called “analysis paralysis,” which I am guilty of. I think of what I want to do and all of the potential rewards and consequences. I float in this state like a fish caught in an undertow, which can feel paralyzing. I see how this phrase might inspire someone to break that cycle and seize the day.

On the other hand, why can’t I dream? I feel like iPhones, airplanes, Hamilton, infused liquor, and Twin Peaks wouldn’t exist without dreamers. These things are very important to me. What about that part in Apollo 13 where they had to fix a spaceship with basically nothing??? That was real life! They literally put a square peg in a round hole. Dreamers, man.

I think we need to choose our words carefully. This says a lot, because I never stop talking and regret my word choice like 40 times a day. Dreaming should not be discouraged, it should be rewarded.


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