I have been consistent for two months. Yep.

I wasn’t going to post this update because I haven’t been to pleased with things this week. It seemed odd to post a self-congratulatory update regarding running when things have been so crappy for so many people. However, today made me feel better. I am starting to really enjoy 5Ks. It was nice to see people cheering each other on and smiling after the week we’ve all had. I think I am going to plan to do a 5K a month to keep my spirits up and my feet moving.

Speaking of spirits, here we are at the end of month two! I have run 3 or more times a week for the second month in a row, which resulted in some sweet Lularoe leggings (seen below):


Running is getting easier, though I still have to take walk breaks on longer runs. I have tried to run outside for at least one run a week if the weather cooperates, as I know that’s different than a treadmill situation.

Speaking of, today my friend Jessi and I ran a 5K! I had to take a few walk breaks, but ended up finishing at 36:04. I was hoping for 35 minutes or less at my December 5K, which totally seems possible. (YAY!) Here’s a pic from before the race:


I’ll keep y’all posted on month 3. 🙂


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