2017- the year of Emily


Can we take a moment to talk about the crap 2016 threw our way? Half of the celebrities on the planet are dead, Voldemort is about to be president, and Emily Gilmore was widowed. Not amazing.

I spent a chunk of time mourning the election of Voldemort and the inevitable rise of hate speech and hate crimes that followed. Early November was so bad that I truly wanted to throw in the towel.


In late November I noted something new about Emily Gilmore while watching the Gilmore Girls revival. Sure, she was still classic Emily with her phone calls and her stubborn yelling. However, the loss of a loved one changed her and the way she lived. The new Emily Gilmore has some attributes that could serve the people mourning 2017 well.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.. there’s basically two options:

  1. Emily Gilmore is a terrible person
  2. Who is Emily Gilmore? (get Netflix, bro)

Let’s think about a third option: Emily fiercely protective of what she believes to be best. She’s stubborn, motivated, and willing to use her privilege to advance her agenda, which is a set of skills allies need. We need to use our attributes and skills to advance the change we wish to see in the world. Instead of being just civically engaged, I plan to also spend time, research, and money advancing the causes I believe in.

Part of this is joining political events and committees. Honestly, this is super easy. I love meeting like-minded people. The challenge for 2017 will be having the hard discussions with people who have political views I do not align with. I do not mean that I plan on living in a bubble. It just means I may have to call some people out when they say things I don’t agree with.

This brings me to Emily Gilmore rule #1: Call people out on their crap, but in a classy way.



I plan to call people out in the classiest of ways. Even so, occasionally there may be a need to throw down when I see people being treated poorly. This brings us to Emily Gilmore Rule #2: When that doesn’t work, use real talk.


I am making an effort to spend more time advocating with causes and communities. This means focusing on what’s important. To make room for school, work, and advocacy I am going to have to say no to plans, marathons of food network shows I don’t really watch, and saying yes to plans I don’t want to actually commit to. This is Emily Gilmore Rule #3: If it brings you joy, keep it. If it doesn’t? Boy, bye.


While I will not be rocking Emily’s fierce bob or tweed wardrobe, I do have shoulder pads ready for when shit hits the fan.

To sum this up:



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